Success Stories

Dream for Kids exists to make a meaningful difference, over the long-term, in as many children’s lives as possible.

As we strive to inspire kids to dream — and work toward achieving their dreams — it is good to know that our efforts truly have an impact. Here are just a few examples of successes we’ve seen.



Kei is a young man who has been battling complications from leukemia since birth. Throughout his life, he has had to undergo many operations and take many new medications. As a result of his condition, stiffness in his arms can make even simple tasks — such as getting dressed — impossible, and he requires weekly dialysis.

Our support has enabled him to attend university and get a job at a publicly-listed company in Tokyo, where he works in the marketing department.

At the 2017 Dream for Kids fundraiser, Kei gave a speech. He talked about the progress he had made and expressed his deep gratitude to all of the attendees for the many years of support he had received from them.

Here is an excerpt:

“I want to thank everybody for supporting me,” he said. “One thing I’m happy about is the fact that I’m now making my own money by working … I’m very proud that when I go out to dinner with my mother, I can pick up the check.

“I’ve taken a step forward — I’m working and I’m very proud to be where I am,” he added. “I hope that you will be proud of me as I continue to get older.”

Watch the full video below:



We support Sara, a young woman who has had to battle childhood leukemia, and has twice undergone bone-marrow transplants. She dreams of being a pâtissière, and we have been able to assist in sending her to a baking school (the sweets course) to help her to realize her goal. After completing all the relevant classes, she started working at a retailer to support herself, then began attending ABC Cooking School to learn how to make bread and pastries, something that she has now mastered. She has since baked cookies, cakes, and bread for one of our fundraisers in the kitchen of the hotel where the event is held.

Sara has this to say about the support she has been given through Dream for Kids:

Thank you very much for everything you do for me.

About two years ago, Dream for Kids gave me the opportunity to attend classes at L’ecole Vantan, a pâtissière school in Tokyo. There, I had the chance to make cakes and sell them. I also got to know many of the people who were studying with me on the Café Course. There were, of course, some challenges, but it was a lot of fun.

Now I’m attending ABC Cooking Studio. I’m not only continuing to learn how to make cakes, I’m also learning how to bake different kinds of bread. I believe my skills at making bread and cakes are improving, and I am looking forward to mastering all the necessary techniques.

I love baking and hope to learn a lot more.
Thank you again.

Sara Toami

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